ISO 9001:2015; ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 Certified; CMMI Level 3 Rated

Professional Services

Today's business environment is all about service performance and operational efficiencies.  You need to maximize return on information, communications and technology investments.  Our 'Professional Services' division offers industry subject matter experts to meet your organization's staffing requirements including on-site 'Facility Operations & Management' support and off-site specialized technical engineering and consulting.  ITI's complete portfolio of Professional Services help you get better performance and greater efficiency from your system or enterprise investments.  We work with your management to design and customize solutions to meet your organizational mission and operational strategy.  We help increase your overall network efficiency, reduce operational costs, supplement skill sets, and provide specialist knowledge.  We connect you to the expertise you need to effectively manage your network and help eliminate the need for additional personnel and resources.  ITI's certified professionals are matched to meet the business needs of your organization, providing flexibility, personalized support, and protection that fit your business needs and solve your operational challenges.